9th-14th: Residency at Maison Matrice in Crémines, Switzerland

17th: Trio set + quartet set with guest Magda Mayas at Sowieso, Berlin - 8pm

18th: Trio set + quartet set with Brad Henkel at Sowieso, Berlin - 8pm



30th: WIM, Zurich, Switzerland - 8pm

31st: Burgunder Konzert Series, Basel, Switzerland - 8pm


1st: Jazzatelier, Urlichsberg, Austria - 8pm

3rd: Le Petit Balcon, Paris, France - 8pm

4th: Fragment, Metz, France - 12pm

5th: Mullbau, Luzern, Switzerland - 8pm

6th: Echoraum, Vienna, Austria - 8pm

7th: Schalter/Gamut, Zurich, Switzerland - 8pm



18th: Kulturbrauerei, Luzern, Switzerland - 8pm

19th: WIM, Zurich, Switzerland - 8pm

22nd: Au Chat Noir, Paris, France - 8pm

24th: Le Théatre de Poche de Wesserling, Mulhouse, France - 8pm



7th: Seeds - 10pm

       double bill with Brian Drye Trio: Brian Drye, Matt Pavolka and Jeff Davis

10th: Uncertainty Music Series in New Haven, CT - 8pm

       double bill with Earth Tongues: Joe Moffett, Dan Peck and Carlo Costa

16th: Advent Library Concert Series in Boston, MA - 8pm

        triple bill with Elizabeth Erenberg /Maria Finkelmeier and Eva Kendrick

17th: Soup and Sound, Brooklyn, NY- 8pm

       double bill with Gordon Beeferman Quartet w/ Stephanie Griffin, Pascal Niggenkemper and

       Andrew Drury.  Please email us for details


7th: Full Salon - 8pm

11th: Rye - 9pm


10th: Home Audio, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm

       please email us for details

17th: The Freedom Garden, 28 Locust St. Brooklyn, NY - 8pm

19th: 65Fen - 10pm



7th: JACK - 8pm

       double bill with Michael Foster / Ben Bennett / David Grollman

12th: Abc No Rio - 7pm

       triple bill with Aaron Oppenheim solo and Josh Sinton / Ken aldcroft Duo

22nd: Panoply Lab - 8pm


1st: House Concert in Brooklyn - 8pm

       please email us for details


8th: 65Fen - 10pm



Correspondence Residency in Avignon, France, June 5th- 15th

A collaborative septet featuring members of the Electric Popo Art Ensemble and Natura Morta, plus vocalist Emilie Lesrbros. The lineup is: Emilie Lesbros - voice; Patrice Soletti - electric guitar; Boris Darley - keyborads, synthesizer; Norbert Lucarin - beatbox, synth; Frantz Loriot - viola; Sean Ali - contrabass, Carlo Costa - drums.

9th - Correspondence at les Hauts Plateaux, Avignon, France - 8pm

12th - Correspondence at Théâtre Populaire du Surcouf, Toulouse, France - 8pm

14th - Correspondence at Le Poing du Singe, Clermont l'Hérault, France - 8pm


11th-13th - With Correspondence at Douglass Street Music Collective - 8pm

          a concert residency with a different opening act each night

19th - Ibeam - 8:30pm

          Natura Morta’s first trio show in a while, also a sort of homecoming to Brooklyn

20th - Spectrum - 8pm

          a Natura Morta set + an Electric Popo Art Ensemble + a Correspondence set



14th: LaunchPad - 10pm

           also that night WKW 8pm and Adam Hopkins’ Over/Under at 9pm

28th: Prospect Series - 8pm

           also that night Jonathan Moritz’s Secret Tempo with Shayna Dulberger and Mike Pride.


4th: Douglass Street Music Collective - 9pm

         also that night: Liz Kosack Group at 8pm and Dominating the Diamond at 10pm

10th: Douglass Street Music Collective - 10pm

           also that night Denman Maroney/Ben Miller/Josh Sinton at 8pm and Sensorium Saxophone

           Orchestra at 9pm.


4th: Downtown Music Gallery - 6pm

16th: Lily Pad, 1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA. - 9pm


17th: 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell, MA. - 8pm

18th: High Wire Gallery, 2040 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA - 8pm

19th: Red Room, 425 East 31st Street, Baltimore, MD - 8pm

20th: Dynasty, 2210 14th St NW, Washington, DC. - 8pm

21st: The Bridge, 209 Monticello Rd. Charlottesville, VA. - 8pm

22nd: Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit Street Columbus, OH. - 8pm

23rd: Bela Dubby, 13321 Madison Ave Lakewood, OH - 8pm

24th: Robinwood Concert House, 2564 Robinwood Ave, Toledo, OH. - 8pm

28th: Grotto - 10pm

         also that night at 9pm Brad Henkel solo trumpet


5th: Vaudeville Park w/ guest vocalist Laurie Amat - 10pm

6th: NYC EP release show at Gallery Onetwentyeight - 9pm

         Todd Neufeld solo guitar - 8pm


16th: What You Will Festival, 4820 Beard Road, Sunbury OH - 8pm

17th: Hungry Brain, 2319 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL - 10pm

           a concert organized by Umbrella Music

18th: All Go Signs, 1935 W. 96th St, Cleveland, OH - 8pm

22nd: Mindwood Music,  285 Midwood Street, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm

          also that night: Mariel Berger/Anna Weber and Han Earl Park/Josh Sinton

23rd: Gallery Onetwentyeight - 9pm

          with special guest trombonist Steve Swell

          also that night at 8pm - Sean Meehan and Lesley Ross

24th: Ze Couch concert series - 7pm

           also that night: Parias Trio with Luis Ianes-Silva, Daniel Reyes-Llinas and Caleigh Drane;

           and Cyprien Busolini solo

27th: Sycamore - 10pm

           also that night Andrew Smiley at 9pm